October in Tulameen

When October comes to Tulameen
She sheds her gown of Lincoln Green,
She dons a party dress instead
Of golden yellow and scarlet red.

Gone is the crowd from Tulameen Days,
Here instead is a smoky haze
As woodburning stoves are lit once more
And fireplaces glow with a cheery roar.

Gone are the grandkids who bounced on the bed,
Southbound geese fly overhead,
The deer that wandered all over the place,
Have disappeared without a trace.

Rifles crack from distant hills,
And hunter's brag of recent kills.
The fishermen say the trout are back,
(A few are smoking on the rack).

The beach has become an empty place
But those you see have a friendly face.
Thanksgiving comes and the Turkey goes,
And you feel the nip on the tip of your nose.

When ghosts and goblins come to call
A few white flakes begin to fall.
And as Tulameen celebrates Halloween night,
She dons a gown of frosty white.

Anne M. Passey